Meet Our Founder


My mom is the biggest Naruto fan I've ever met. So, it's only natural that I am interested in anime too. In high school, I diverged from the classics to more popular/current shows. My favorite genre is horror but I frequently watch shonens. There are just so many of them (and a lot of them are good)! I highly recommend "Another", "School-Live!", and "The Way of the House Husband" (it's just so wholesome <3). No, seriously. Go watch them if you're older than 15. Trust me.

Growing up, anime was almost taboo. People my age barely knew what it was and didn't want to know. So, I watched alone with no one to recommend shows or share opinions. #Sad, I know. But luckily, in high school I found a group of friends that I still hold close to my heart. Not all of them watched anime, but all of them were accepting

Now, celebrities like Megan the Stallion, Micheal B. Jordan, and Israel Adesanya have made anime mainstream. My little sister watches anime and related things on tik tok which is so weird to me. Years ago, there was only fan art and AMVs. Now there's people on YouTube who discuss anime and TikToks of Sasuke doing the renegade (which make my brain stop working).

I saw a little boy in a grocery store and he seemed quite uncomfortable and shy. I noticed he was wearing an amine t-shirt and complimented him on it. I swear he was an entirely different person after that. He even showed me a Pokemon card that he was carrying with him! He reminded me of my high school friends. Most of us were "weird" socially anxious wrecks who thought the world turned its back on us. 

I created Weebs on the Rock for that very reason. I want to to share my love for anime and get rid of the stigma it used to carry. This sounds like a shonen character powering up after explaining how friendship solves everything. But, it's what I'm hoping to do. Weebs on the Rock aims to cater to everyone. No matter what age, size, or style you have. This is really important for me because my mom, sister, boyfriend, and close friends watch anime. They are all very different people but, they mean a lot to me. If it wasn't for anime, we wouldn't have bonded the way we did.


So, this is where being an otaku is the norm. I hope you enjoy! Tanoshinde kudasai!


~ Gia, Founder