How much is delivery?

Delivery between Flatts and Ice queen is free. Any delivery beyond this point is $5.00. If your order must be delivered in multiple trips (i.e. part of your order is not in stock), you do not have to pay the delivery fee multiple times.

When should I expect my delivery?

We try our best to send deliveries within two days. Some items may not be in stock or are ordered on demand. If part of an order is not in stock, we will deliver all in stock items within 48 hours and will contact you when the rest of your order is ready to be delivered. Please provide a working phone number or email address where we can reach you in order to schedule a delivery time.


What is your return/refund policy?

We do not accept returns or refunds. Our merchandise is thouroughly examined before it is even uploaded to our website to be sold. Any items that do not meet our standards will be posted separately as discounted items on our social media accounts. The only time we issue refunds is when a pre-ordered item is lost during shipment.

Can I assess an item before I buy it?

Please use the contact form for a request to view an item in person. If you would like to see additional photos or videos please send a message to one of our social media accounts.

Can I buy an item if it is out of stock?

Out of stock items can still be purchased. Once our next shipment arrives you will receive your item within 48hrs. Restock time depends on where the item is coming from, how it is made (handmade or factory), and how popular it is. 

Will you be bringing in *insert item or merchandise from a specific anime here*?

Please use our contact form or send us a message if you want to see more! We're happy to hear feedback from our customers. Feel free to send us suggestions!